1936 – Poblitz

November 23, 2014


2624 57th Avenue

Most of the Poblitz marks on this stub of a street are from 1935, but I guess he came back later to finish the last lot on the back corner.

1934 – N. Ferri

November 22, 2014


5604 Laverne Avenue

A cute little mark to go with a cute little street.

1932 – N. McLeod

November 21, 2014


5332 Walnut Street

Another mark from the little-attested N. McLeod.

1928 – Carl T. Petersen

November 20, 2014


2627 56th Avenue

A much better example of this mark and year than what I had before.

1926 – T. A. Ryan

November 19, 2014


Seminary Avenue at Walnut Street

There are two of these at this address, both of them cracked, but they’re far less cracked than the example I showed before.

1984 – C. Valenzuela

November 18, 2014


3145 Maxwell Avenue

A barely discernible mark from Valenzuela’s last decade.

1969 – Apodaca Bros.

November 17, 2014


5380 Fleming Avenue


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