1916 – A. H. Kopperud

April 20, 2014


2700 High Street

2006 – Cornman’s posse

April 19, 2014


4002 Patterson Avenue

I hope Cornman and company have good memories of ol’ Pig-Pig.

1999 – Mark and Jenny

April 18, 2014


Drake Lane

I include this mark just so you know I really do check every street in person, both sides.

1942 – Moniz & Johnson

April 17, 2014


3618 Virden Avenue

A. G. Moniz collaborated with several different people over the years. I think I like this mark the best of them, although the Moniz & Moniz mark is also pretty wonderful, as is the rare Andrade & Moniz mark. I’ve documented a “Johnson Moniz” mark from 1941 that was hand-drawn.

1931 – Hutchinson Co.

April 16, 2014


Patterson Avenue at Harbor View Avenue

This abbreviated version of the Hutchinson Co. mark is new to me. It’s right across the street from the mark I showed yesterday. Not many companies did this; the only other one that comes to mind is A. Nilsson.

1931 – Hutchinson Co.

April 15, 2014


4088 Patterson Avenue

This is several years after the other Hutchinson Co. marks I’ve seen, and a quite different configuration.

1930 – Gus Johnson

April 14, 2014


3604 Harbor View Avenue

As always, I record hand-drawn marks as well as stamped ones, even from the same year by the same maker.


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