1953 – C. Valenzuela

September 19, 2014


3350 Morcom Avenue

C. Valenzuela abandoned the doubled-up version of his mark (which he’d used since his debut in 1938) after 1960, and he also stopped using properly stamped dates after 1959. So this example from 1953 with its hand-drawn date can be seen as a harbinger of his decline.

1947 – Hennig

September 18, 2014


3474 Birdsall Avenue

This extends Hennig’s range another year into the 1940s.

1937 – J. C. Vieira

September 17, 2014


4463 Redding Street

I’m getting a pretty full set of these going from 1924 to 1942.

1931 – C. L. Rogers

September 16, 2014


4451 Redding Street

This is about as clear as C. L. Rogers marks get.

1931 – Aaron Dahlquist

September 15, 2014


3426 Peirson Avenue

This example of Aaron Dahlquist’s 1931 mark used large digits for the month and year.

Now I need to reinspect all of Oakland’s sidewalks to document these variants.

1931 – Aaron Dahlquist

September 14, 2014


3433 Peirson Avenue

It turns out that Aaron Dahlquist had several variants of his mark. My previous example used small digits for the month and large digits for the year. This one is all small.

1929 – L. M. Williams

September 13, 2014


3437 Birdsall Avenue

Like every L. M. Williams mark I’ve seen, this is lightly made and hard to read. Perhaps he was shy; perhaps he just waited too long before applying his mark. This one is a double strike.


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