1984 – Fabian, Omar, Kesha, Johnny

November 28, 2014


5336 Walnut Avenue

On an early spring day in 1984, four kids from the block inscribed these four blocks on the sidewalk. Fabian, now age 41, happened to be there as I surveyed the block, and he shared memories of the day and his comrades Johnny, Kesha and Omar. As far as he could recall, all of them had stayed in Oakland.

1970 – M. S.

November 27, 2014


2727 Kingsland Avenue

Someone sneaked in here and left initials, looks like.

1963 – Auction Alley

November 26, 2014


5538 Foothill Boulevard

This address is a nondescript auto-repair place today, but I guess at one time it was Auction Alley. Does anyone remember?

1950 – C. Troja-Sisto

November 25, 2014


5527 Brookdale Avenue

I present this mark, even though I already have a good example, because on this mark Mr. Troja-Sisto was careful enough to make it clear that the little cursive scrawl in the middle line says “st” for Street.

1939 – G. Pool

November 24, 2014


5312 Walnut Street

1936 – Poblitz

November 23, 2014


2624 57th Avenue

Most of the Poblitz marks on this stub of a street are from 1935, but I guess he came back later to finish the last lot on the back corner.

1934 – N. Ferri

November 22, 2014


5604 Laverne Avenue

A cute little mark to go with a cute little street.


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