M. B. Wiggins

December 18, 2014


2709 60th Avenue

I have dated examples of M. B. Wiggins’ marks, but there are several on this block in which the space where he wrote the date instead had the letters “OAK.” I didn’t see a date nearby, so I can’t say where these fit in his chronology.

1952 – Lee Railsbach (Railsback)

December 17, 2014


2627 60th Street

Very interesting: besides being the first hand-drawn mark I’ve found by Hayward contractor Lee Railsback, this sprawling example in a driveway shows that he signed his name Railsbach. Also note the “Greek E’s” he used.

1952 – J. H. Fitzmaurice (V)

December 16, 2014


61st Avenue at Foothill Boulevard

This is huge—the first date I’ve found for this configuration of the Fitzmaurice mark.

1942 – Joyce B.

December 15, 2014


6000 block Brann Street

This is at the same address as yesterday’s mark, so it’s conceivable that J.E.B. was Joyce B., not that this advances our knowledge much.

1942 – J.E.B.

December 14, 2014


6000 block Brann Street

Haven’t run into J.E.B. before, but there’s one possibility (see tomorrow’s mark). Not sure if that’s another letter on the right or not.

1938 – Frank A. Stead

December 13, 2014


5912 Foothill Boulevard

There are two of these handsome marks at this address, now an active branch of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research.

1934 – R. Appleby

December 12, 2014


5915 Foothill Boulevard

My travels are taking me very close to Appleby’s home address. I try to photograph these places when I think of it.


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