1918 – J. Catucci

July 23, 2014


2100 51st Avenue

This whole property, a stolid apartment building with a commanding view over the Melrose district, was paved by the Catucci company along with that side of Melrose Avenue. This is the large, open version of the Catucci mark.

1917 – J. P. Fugel

July 22, 2014


2182 Vicksburg Avenue

Fugel added his middle initial to his mark after 1913, if I can cite a 1914 hand-drawn mark. It was certainly in place in 1916.

1913 – Avelar & Co.

July 21, 2014


2151 51st Avenue

1940 – W. Sharp

July 20, 2014


2244 48th Avenue

When W. Sharp made this mark he got the “S” backward.

1930 – Doyle & Sons

July 19, 2014


2221 50th Avenue

Notice that the S’s are upside down, and also that the second character of “Sons” is a zero, not an oh.

1914 – Sandin & Swanson

July 18, 2014


1915 48th Avenue

Now that it’s 2014, it’s a pleasure to record a new tranche of century-old marks as I come upon them.

1913 – J. Fugel

July 17, 2014


Ygnacio Avenue and 48th Avenue

When this mark was made, 48th Avenue was called Whittier Avenue.


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