1973 – Frank McCowan

August 31, 2014


71st Avenue at International Boulevard

Frank’s signature suggests to me that he knew his way around wet concrete, but until now I hadn’t seen his work.

1969 – Fran

August 30, 2014


726 70th Avenue

One day, Fran patched her front sidewalk. It’s held up for 45 years and counting.

1950 – Texeira

August 29, 2014


6234 Harmon Avenue

Right across the driveway from yesterday’s mark by M. Dias is this one by (presumably) his partner on the job, Texeira.

1950 – M. Dias

August 28, 2014


6234 Harmon Avenue

This mark pushes M. Dias’ dates later than ever.

1950 – Frank M. Brown

August 27, 2014


6200 E. 16th Street

1946 – Joe’s Traveling Market

August 26, 2014


6616 Eastlawn Street

This mark is so huge that I couldn’t capture it all. (My ancient #1 camera can only shoot closeups now.) Even my other camera couldn’t get it all, but it caught most of it. Click to see a 1000-pixel version. There must be a story behind Joe’s Traveling Market.

1936 – F. E. Flaherty

August 25, 2014


861 70th Avenue

This big mark is made with a proper stamp, unlike my other example from this year.


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