1996 – Burua Concrete

October 1, 2014


732 S. Elmhurst Avenue

Burua marks are hard to find, but I’ve recorded them from 1990 to 2003, which puts this right in the middle. It’s a lovely thing in a part of town that needs them.

1994 – D. M. Lee

September 30, 2014


S. Elmhurst Avenue and Edes Avenue

D. M. Lee may have been an amateur, but then there are those two straight bars on either side of the mark . . .

1992 – JCP

September 29, 2014


6625 Aitkens Drive

Yeah, JCP probably wasn’t the maker of this mark. So sue me. When I’m up in the hills, I take anything I can get.

1955 – Talamini & McKenzie

September 28, 2014


2518 64th Avenue

This mark appears to be the work of professionals, but the names aren’t familiar.

1942 – Cragun & Cragun

September 27, 2014


689 Nevada Street

South Elmhurst’s sidewalks are in sad shape, but a few marks survive there.

1941 – Ed Doty

September 26, 2014


2320 65th Avenue

Ed Doty used a curved mark almost exclusively after 1936, but a few dated examples of his previous straight-text mark exist, like this one.

1933 – L. Banchero & Co.

September 25, 2014


2028 64th Avenue

This mark establishes that L. Banchero removed the “& Co.” from his mark after this year, because as of 1934 that text is missing.


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