1914 – Avelar & Co.

July 31, 2014


2419 Seminary Avenue

There are a bunch of those all along Seminary between International and Foothill Boulevards. This is the best of them.

1912 – Fred H. Austin

July 30, 2014


1947 Seminary Avenue

I’ve found two configurations of the 1912 Fred Austin mark; this is the more common one (the other has a curving date). It’s missing the outline because it apparently wasn’t pressed down as hard as usual.

G. W. Melvin

July 29, 2014


2130 51st Avenue

I look forward to finding dated examples from Mr. Melvin.

1944 – F. M. Brown

July 28, 2014


5218 Foothill Boulevard

This clears up the mystery of the incomplete example I documented a while back.

1943 – S. Giuntoli

July 27, 2014


1921 51st Avenue

1928 – R. C. Malone

July 26, 2014


2160 Vicksburg Avenue

Not much of an example, but I’m grateful for every date from this Fruitvale maker, whose marks don’t hold up to wear.

1928 – M. Cvetich

July 25, 2014


2137 Vicksburg Avenue

This is the earliest M. Cvetich mark I’ve found, and a second example of this racetrack format.


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