Corners: Aileen and Dover

March 27, 2015


As I approach the end of my project visiting every sidewalk in Oakland, there will come times when it takes more time to find a new maker or date than I have time to walk the streets. After more than seven years, that time has come and for now I don’t have a new mark lined up. When this happens, and it will inexorably become more common, I’ll put up some of the other interesting sidewalk markings I’ve run into over the years.

A number of street corners have the respective street names stamped into the concrete. They aren’t signed and dated. This mark at the corner of Aileen and Dover Streets has been eliminated since I documented it a few years ago.

2010 – Lara, Sade, Dan, Dele

March 26, 2015


1 Weybridge Court

2001 – Bunky, Banlam, Get, Max

March 25, 2015


2608 74th Avenue

An odd set of names.

1949 – G. Tribuzio & Sons

March 24, 2015


2762 76th Avenue

G. Tribuzio added his sons during his latest years, but the firm never got its own stamp.

1948 – Wm. Ward

March 23, 2015


2653 77th Avenue

Here’s a name that’s new to me.

1935 – J. B. Lee

March 22, 2015


2655 74th Avenue

1928 – T A — Ryan (T. A. Ryan)

March 21, 2015


3509 69th Avenue

For some reason, T. A. Ryan put a dash in the middle of his name on this mark.


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