2013 – T n J

November 29, 2015


5350 Shafter Avenue

Maybe the makers will speak up and say what this is about.

1998 – W. Kitchen and C. B. Stevens

November 28, 2015


44 Oak Hill Circle

1973 – A. J. Ferrero

November 27, 2015


10510 Edgewood Drive

Like a mirage, this rare year appears in a remote block far from any neighboring marks. A. J. Ferrero stamps are usually this indistinct; my previous example was worse.

1972 – WH

November 26, 2015


3991 Fairway Avenue

1967 – Linda + Warren

November 25, 2015


2369 103rd Avenue

1958 – R. D. Stoecker

November 24, 2015


10501 Royal Oak Drive

R. D. Stoecker tended to do big jobs, notably the Grass Valley subdivision (in 1957 and 1959) and most of Bancroft Avenue (in 1957). This part of the Sequoyah Heights development features several unambiguous examples from 1958.

1957 – J. Barale

November 23, 2015


1 Sequoyah View Circle

This was a pleasant surprise, first because stamps are scarce in the Sequoyah neighborhood and second because it extends the record of the Barale dynasty two more years.


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