1943 – Gen. Con. Co.

October 8, 2015


1627 100th Avenue

There are a couple more of these General Concrete Company marks on this block, all of them obscure.

1942 – Moniz & Johson (Johnson)

October 7, 2015


1417 100th Avenue

This same year, Moniz and Johnson used a proper stamp, unlike most of Arthur Moniz’s collaborations. The risk with hand-drawn marks was that names could be misspelled.

1940 – Geo. Riding

October 6, 2015


9845 Walnut Street

Here George Riding added the month and day to his mark.

1936 – (F. E.) Flaherty

October 5, 2015


10212 Walnut Street

This appears to be the first year F. E. Flaherty abandoned his old racetrack mark. Sometimes he used his initials, sometimes not.

1935 – F. E. Flaherty

October 4, 2015


9990 Holly Street

1922 – Hennig

October 3, 2015


1427 103rd Avenue

This mark pushes back Otto Hennig’s dates back a few years.

1920 – F. E. Flaherty

October 2, 2015


1612 100th Avenue

Assuming I’m correct with the date, this mark establishes F. E. Flaherty at a very early time indeed.


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