1938 – C. Valenzuela

August 3, 2015


1823 92nd Avenue

This is not only a better strike, but an earlier strike from this founding year of Carlos Valenzuela’s career. Another thing about this driveway site is that he put his mark on the corners of the driveway as well as at the mouth.

1931 – J. E. McCaffrey

August 2, 2015


1742 92nd Avenue

1921 – M. P. Amaral

August 1, 2015


9000 block Plymouth Street

There’s a chance that this is 1926, like previous examples I’ve found.

1914 – Hutchinson Co.

July 31, 2015


Cherry Street at 92nd Avenue

Each corner of 92nd between Bancroft and International has this mark.

1992 – H. W.

July 30, 2015


1501 90th Avenue

Most of the pavement in front of the Elmhurst Baptist Church is not marked, but this patch is.

1970 – A.B.C. Concrete

July 29, 2015


9034 D Street

At this late stage in my survey of Oakland, it’s safe to say that the set of several marks on this property are the city’s best example of A.B.C. Concrete stamps.

1968 – A-1 Able

July 28, 2015


1366 91st Avenue


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