Special marks: “Master Concrete” holders I

I don’t know anything about the Master Concrete designation, but it’s probable that a craft union administered it. Although I didn’t seek out examples of each Master Concrete number, or even collate them until after my sidewalk survey was finished, I think I’ve captured all of the ones who practiced in Oakland.

Here they are, in numerical order.






Ryan continued to use “Master Concrete” on his mark after 1937, but without the number:




Ed Doty had two Master Concrete numbers.



I have to say that all of these Master Concrete workers did high-quality work. It was surely a source of pride, a higher wage, and more than the usual mortification when errors were made.


And the last of the series (so far anyway):


Except for Ed Doty’s number 17, all of these are even numbers. That’s odd. [Update: I missed Master Concrete number 7; so much for odd trends.]


2 Responses to “Special marks: “Master Concrete” holders I”

  1. Mike Fitz Says:

    “Except for Ed Doty’s number 17, all of these are even numbers. That’s odd.”

    LOL! Good one… I was wondering if perhaps the upside down 2 on Doty’s mark could have been a substitute for a 7, so the year would be 1947 for that mark, not ’42….but probably not.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I overlooked number 7! It’s hard to maintain concentration while reviewing several thousand images.

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