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1918 – J. Catucci

July 23, 2014


2100 51st Avenue

This whole property, a stolid apartment building with a commanding view over the Melrose district, was paved by the Catucci company along with that side of Melrose Avenue. This is the large, open version of the Catucci mark.


1918 – J. Ogden

July 14, 2014


2039 47th Avenue

This part of Melrose is quite historic.

1918 – C. Hubmann & Co.

July 12, 2013


3025 E. 29th Street

1918 – Sandin & Swanson

January 7, 2013


3606 Glen Park Road

This is about as good as Sandin & Swanson marks get.

It’s possible, maybe even likely, that the little cross is a union mark. Cement contractors began to unionize in the 1900s decade, as well documented by Lincoln Cushing.

1918 – J. Catucci

February 26, 2012


1838 5th Avenue

This date gives me a full set of Catucci marks from 1915 to 1921. My impression is that Catucci worked on premium projects, because the homes are solid, enduring structures for the most part, like this one.

1918 – R. C. Malone

September 18, 2011


1919 34th Avenue

I expected to find some Malone marks in his home territory, and here’s the first.

1918 – Hutchinson Co.

June 9, 2011


Idaho Street at 60th Street

There’s another one at the other end of the block, at 59th Street.