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1927 – The Oakland Paving Co.

November 6, 2015


10506 Byron Avenue

The concrete guy did a great job on the south end of Byron, until the very last step.

This next set of stamps is from the last part of Oakland. As of today, I have surveyed the sidewalks on every block of the city. As usual, I’ll present the marks in chronological order. This set will run for the next month, and then this blog will enter a new phase.

1927 – S. Giuntoli

September 16, 2015


Elmhurst Avenue at C Street

Silvio Giuntoli lived at 1159 Elmhurst Avenue and was responsible for the pavement on Elmhurst and the adjoining streets, largely in 1927. There are many excellent marks in this neighborhood, and the work has held up well for nearly 90 years. I chose this mark to feature because it includes the day and month as well as the year.

The 1927 Alameda County phone book lists three Giuntolis, all in Oakland: Norma, a stenographer at the Oakland Fish Company; Pasquino, a plasterer; and Silvio.

1927 – S. Giuntoli

September 4, 2015


1201 95th Avenue

By now I think the story of S. Giuntoli’s stamp is clear: he started in the 1920s, using a stamp with “192_” dates. Some time before 1932 he switched to using tiny numerals for the last two digits of the date, adding the month and day using the same tiny numerals.

1927 – F. E. Flaherty

April 26, 2015


1732 82nd Avenue

1927 – J. Abreu & Son

April 16, 2015


7883 Arthur Street

J. Abreu & Son did this whole block, and it looks like all the houses were built in the same year too.

1927 – H. C. Orth

March 31, 2015


7514 Arthur Street

This strike is so good that the association oval is readable: it says “Cement Contractors Association / Member / Alameda County”

1927 – J. Ogden

January 12, 2015


3524 72nd Avenue

This is much later, and in a different form, than my other J. Ogden marks.