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1933 – Lovisone

November 8, 2015


3916 Fairway Avenue

This is a far better strike of the Lovisone mark than the previous one I documented. I can safely say it’s the best in Oakland.

1933 – J. Rodrigues

July 3, 2015


1229 87th Avenue

A nice strike.

1933 – Rasmussen Co.

December 11, 2014


5938 Morse Street

Unlike my other version of Rasmussen’s mark from 1933, this one leaves the stub date at the top truncated.

This is a good time to mention that I will be giving a talk to the Oakland Heritage Alliance about Oakland’s sidewalk stamps on Thursday, January 15, at 7 pm up at Chapel of the Chimes. Watch for details over there.

1933 – John Masson

November 13, 2014


2658 Seminary Avenue

This is only the second mark I’ve found by John Masson; will probably be the best one I ever find.

1933 – J. H. Fitzmaurice (III)

November 1, 2014


6825 Avenal Avenue

This is satisfying, because I’ve recorded several other Fitzmaurice marks from this year, but the date has always been handwritten. Here’s a beautifully stamped date, AND in the rich red concrete of the Havenscourt neighborhood.

1933 – A. Casqueiro

October 10, 2014


3245 Millsview Avenue

1933 – L. Banchero & Co.

September 25, 2014


2028 64th Avenue

This mark establishes that L. Banchero removed the “& Co.” from his mark after this year, because as of 1934 that text is missing.