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1942 – Ransome Company

November 15, 2015


9949 Voltaire Avenue

The Ransome Company has been around from more than a century and still does business out of San Leandro, yet a mere handful of its sidewalk stamps are extant. My guess is that sidewalks were only an occasional sideline.


1942 – Frank Lopes

November 14, 2015


10500 Byron Avenue

Here’s an exemplary strike of Frank Lopes’s stamp, with a truly legible date.

1942 – Moniz & Johson (Johnson)

October 7, 2015


1417 100th Avenue

This same year, Moniz and Johnson used a proper stamp, unlike most of Arthur Moniz’s collaborations. The risk with hand-drawn marks was that names could be misspelled.

1942 – Dan Doyle Concrete

July 18, 2015


8825 B Street

An example from this year with a fully hand-drawn date.

1942 – J. Widell

April 6, 2015


7400 Halliday Avenue

Unlike my previous example from this year, this appears to be carefully hand-drawn rather than stamped.

1942 – O. Hennig

February 21, 2015


4027 Edwards Avenue

Otto Hennig signed his initial at least twice this year. This signature is different from the other example I’ve documented, including a flourish beneath the date that’s quite unlike the Hennig I thought I knew.

1942 – General Con. Co.

January 29, 2015


6701 Outlook Avenue