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1946 – E. H. Buel

November 18, 2015


9905 MacArthur Boulevard

Ensor H. Buel left his horseshoe mark and his signature in all parts of Oakland in the 1930s and 1940s. It’s only fitting that this was the last sidewalk stamp I found on the last day of my systematic survey.


1946 – C. A. Heldt

October 24, 2015


3644 Calafia Avenue

Unlike other C. A. Heldt marks from 1946, this one has only a hand-drawn date.

1946 – Duffin

September 19, 2015


9430 D Street

Duffin marks are more common than L. B. Duffin marks, but fewer of them are dated.

1946 – Marasco

August 15, 2015


9317 Walnut Street

A new name for me.

1946 – Eliot?

August 14, 2015


2100 block 94th Avenue

Another diffident concrete worker, reluctant to sign his name legibly.

1946 – L. Banchero

May 2, 2015


8100 block Holly Street

Funny that for so many years, Banchero kept the “&” on his stamp after removing the “Co.” early on.

1946 – L. B. Duffin

March 18, 2015


9709 Thermal Avenue

I didn’t recognize this one until I got home.