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1974 – G. Maycroft & Son

April 30, 2014


3707 Maybelle Avenue

Don’t see many Maycroft & Son marks at all; this is only my fourth.


1974 – Jayson & Dad

April 5, 2014


3884 Loma Vista Avenue

An August day, a man and his son.

1974 – Dave, Mike, Lisa and ?

December 20, 2013


3977 Coolidge Avenue

Three kids and a creature.

1974 – Apodaca Bros.

April 17, 2013


2208 E. 17th Street

This is one of the rarest years on Oakland sidewalks. It’s a long story, but I blame Nixon.

1974 – Chris S.

October 10, 2012


2328 19th Avenue

If dates from the 1970s weren’t so scarce I might have let this one go.

1974 – A. J. Ferrero

October 10, 2008


41st Street at 4070 Opal Street

The house at the corner of 41st and Opal is a century-old Craftsman in immaculate shape, with this A. J. Ferrero stamp and a 1940 McGettigan. This is only the second stamp I’ve found from the seventies. In 1974 I moved back to the Bay area, and a movie star was governor then too.