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2008 – B. R. Concrete

December 1, 2017

Highland Way and Highland Avenue, Piedmont

This is on the floor of the little bus station where the 33 line pauses.

As I push into Piedmont, I hope to find a few marks to include in Oakland’s compilation. This is the first, but I don’t think there will be many.

In other news, I still have not found a mark from 2017. That’s pretty unusual, so if you have seen one please add a comment and tell me where it is.


2008 – C. Peoples

October 29, 2015


1927 100th Avenue

2008 – AJW Construction

June 20, 2015


9838 MacArthur Boulevard

There are a lot of these here.

2008 – Rayn Holmes

October 3, 2014


1917 64th Avenue

Rayn Holmes, I like your style. (I suppose that’s you on Twitter as @raynbow64th.)

2008 – Oscar

January 24, 2014


2231 Rosedale Avenue

2008 – Luis & Cristal

September 23, 2013


416 Worth Street

2008 – Peace

December 31, 2008


3927 Opal Street

I normally don’t collect amateur marks, but this was irresistible. There are other markings on this panel that are worth seeing, too.

Happy New Year!